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Amazon to Andes participates in Fair Trade Practices when purchasing items. Whenever possible, items are purchased directly from the artists who make them. Our goal is to give these artists a place in the worldwide marketplace, and to create opportunities for the economically disadvantaged.

Fair Trade involves the payment of a fair price, that is discussed and agreed upon by both parties. It not only covers production prices, but incorporates fair pay for labor, equal pay for women and men, and allows for the growth of the business. We are sensitive to the working conditions of the people who make our items. Fair hiring practices, reasonable work hours, availability of safety equipment, and employee health conditions are all considerations when deciding which items to sell and which artists to buy them from. We will not buy items from unverifiable sources that may use child labor, underpay their help, or use unsafe work practices that endanger the health of the employees.

Environmental protection is also of concern to us. We take great efforts to ensure the products we carry are made without a negative impact on the environment. We focus on renewable crops that help improve the economic status of the community without destroying the flora and fauna around it. We search out artists that employ organic practices in the harvesting and production of these renewable crops.

We feel it is important to give back to the communities that make our products. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.


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